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WordPress Help and Repairs

Need support for your WordPress site?

Need someone to help you support, protect, update, fix and improve your site while you do more important things like run your business, take care of your customers and make money? That’s what we do. We’re pretty good at it.

Did your “web guy” ghost after making your site? Did the employee who made it move on a leave no forwarding address? Put PCQB on your team. We’re WordPress experts and we’re here to to help. Check out some of the things we do and get in touch today.

Long Island WordPress Support Services

Minor Updates and Fixes

Have a small job that needs doing on your WordPress site that you don’t have the time or expertise for? Let us take care of it for you.

Need to add a link or an image or an e-mail address? Want to fix or adjust something that isn’t quite right? No job is too small.

Major Site Updates and Overhauls

Ready to take your site to the next level? We’re ready to get to work.

Want to swap out that old, clunky theme for a shiny new one? Add a shop or interactive contact form? Is there some feature you’d really like to have but you don’t know where to start? That’s where we come in.

Traffic Monitoring and Search Engine Appearance

I guess this may sound a little simple to some, but you can’t run a website without knowing who your visitors are and where they’re coming from.

Let us set up your site with traffic tracking and search engine monitoring. If you’ve already got that, but you’re not sure what it means, we can walk you through analyzing the data so you can make good decisions about what to do next.

WordPress Plugin Help

WordPress plugins can be tricky beasts. Whether you need help finding or evaluating the right plugin for your needs or installing and configuring one you’ve already bought or picked out or even figuring out why the one one you’ve been using isn’t working anymore, we can do the job.

WordPress Theme Help

Want some advice picking out a theme for your new site, or a new theme for your old site? How about a little assistance installing or configuring a theme, making it look like the demo they showed you when you bought it?

Whatever your WordPress Theme related issues, we can help. Get in touch.

WordPress Site Repair

Sooner or later, almost all websites break. Whether you’ve got the white screen of death after an update or just a slow, inexorable degrading of your site’s functionality, a broken site is trouble and can end up costing you in time, traffic and money.

If you’ve nobody to call when your site goes down, you can get in touch with us. We’ll diagnose the problem and have your site back and fully functioning in no time at all.

Has Your Site Been Hacked?

Has your site been hacked? Are you sure? We can evaluate sites for hacks and exploits and fix them up if they’ve been compromised.